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We are committed to help you understand your body better and to empower you to make better decisions in regards to your health.

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Here in KlinikQ, our panel of doctors are committed to help you understand your body better and to empower you to make better decisions in regards to your health. Functional Medicine is a partnership in which the doctor and the patient work together to dig deep and find out the causes of your symptoms. We will examine not only you as the patient, but also your unique history, environment, lifestyle and underlying factors. New lifestyles and diet are always bumpy and were are here to make the shift as easy as possible. When you make the life changing commitment to adopt a healthy lifestyle you open yourself up to a world of better health, more energy, and better focus. Your body will heal faster and you will feel better.


Dr. Liau Bee Teng

M.B.,B.Ch.,B.A.O (National University of Ireland)
Master in Nutritional Medicine (SAHAMM)
Master in SAHAMM (Society For The Advancement Of Hormones and Healthy Aging Medicine Malaysia) Advanced Nutritional Medicine
Member of Association Of Integrative Medicine Malaysia (AIMM)
Member of Malaysian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (MSLM)

Dr. Liau Bee Teng graduated from The Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland in year 2002 and has 5 years of experience in the anesthesia department. Despite having advanced medical technologies, Dr. Liau observed that medical ailments were not well addressed and patients are still frustrated for not being able to lead a fulfilling lifestyle. Conventional medicine is able to treat acute diseases but Dr. Liau believes that functional medicine to liberate patients from acute or chronic symptoms and allowing them to have more control over their own diet and lifestyle.

Being a seasoned medical practitioner, Dr. Liau believes that health can be optimized through proper therapy and approach to ensure better quality of life. Dr. Liau ventured into functional medicine and has been practicing this holistic approach for more than 10 years. The main focus of this treatment is to find out root causes related to the symptom or condition and to provide suitable treatment to regenerate the body functions. With the help of supplements and proper diet plans, Dr. Liau’s approach is more effective and targeted towards unrooting underlying symptoms and not just by masking it with medication.

With her extensive experience in functional medicine, Dr. Liau is passionate to create change by providing healthcare and wellness tips through her consultation. She also focuses on sharing her valuable experience and educating her patients about health as one of the greatest assets.

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Dr. Tan Wan Shin


Dr. Tan Wan Shin has been practicing medicine since 2010 upon graduating from a Medical Degree in Ukraine. She strongly believes that good medical practice comes with patient satisfaction and the best practice of medicine is to understand health transformation and the prevention of chronic diseases. Dr. Tan retained a passion for medicine, and the expectation for achievement, through her service in local GP has helped numerous patients in restoring their health and preventing chronic diseases.

Since her early medical practice, Dr. Tan has a special interest in internal medicine, which is a medical specialty that focuses on dealing with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases. With her accumulated clinical experiences, Dr. Tan realized that true health evolution starts once the root cause of diseases are being identified. Following which, functional medicine is needed to guide and support the body towards self-healing rather than just treating the symptoms. This strong calling has prompted Dr. Tan to start incorporating functional medicine elements in her GP practice. Besides, her passion is to impart the importance of health awareness to her patients and also to coach them towards health evolution by providing consultations and the support they need in order to modify sedentary lifestyles and to engage in better lifestyle and habits.

Previously, Dr. Tan was also a founder of a naturopathic centre that was mainly supporting women wellness. The centre focuses on integrating best practices and the combination of clinical experiences in order to provide patients with quality healthcare. Her focus during her that time was to empower women to have more control and awareness towards their personal health and provided comprehensive services for cell regeneration and rehabilitation through a comfortable, safe and non-invasive natural treatment.

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Dr. Wong Chin Teck

MB BCh BAO (National University of Ireland)

Dr. Wong completed his medical education in 2002 at The Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland.

He used to work in a diagnostic center where he helps people to do health screening and understand their current health and provide medical treatment. However, he noticed there are limitations of conventional medicine where many people with chronic conditions could not meet their health goals and still suffer from it. That’s when he gets to know functional medicine which can determine how and why an illness occurs by using appropriate lab tests to find the root causes of the disease followed by an individualized treatment plan to treat the body as a whole and optimize their health

Through the combination of nutritional and functional medicine, it is truly changing the lives of those suffering from chronic conditions by focusing on the body’s natural healing capability with the help of lifestyle modification, strategic supplementation of vitamins, nutrients, and sometimes hormonal therapy

His passion is to empower and educate patients to maintain a state of optimal health so that patients do not succumb to illness in the first place and to treat illness not just when it occurs. With his dedicated care and treatment, he helps patients to regain their confidence, reclaim ownership of their health, and able to find fulfillment and balance in their lives

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Dr. Tan Keah Kee

MB BCh BAO Ireland

Dr. Tan Keah Kee (MB BCh BAO Ireland) commenced his medical practice in 2002, embarking on a journey that would span various institutions and countries. Initially, he served within the government healthcare sector, contributing his expertise to Hospital Seremban and Hospital Jelebu between 2002 and 2007.

Subsequently, from 2007 to 2009, Dr. Tan extended his medical practice to encompass renowned establishments such as Singapore General Hospital, Changi Hospital, and Pasir Ris Polyclinic. Following this enriching phase, he chose to return to Malaysia, where he established his private practice.

Distinguishing himself in the medical field, Dr. Tan’s approach encompasses a fusion of conventional medicine and functional medicine. The tenets of functional medicine resonate with his practice, focusing on addressing the root causes of ailments, fortifying cellular functionality to preempt chronic conditions, and ultimately, retarding the aging process.

Embracing a holistic medical philosophy, Dr. Tan is an esteemed member of the Society for the Advancement of Hormones and Healthy Aging Medicine Malaysia (SAHAMM), exemplifying his dedication to progressive medical paradigms.

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Dr Abdul Farid Bin Rahmathulla

Mbbs(Mahsa), Ohd(Niosh)

Dr Farid completed his medical degree on 2016 from MAHSA University, Malaysia and contributed his medical service at Hospital Seri Manjung, Perak and Hospital Shah Alam, Selangor. Early in his career he had passion for Psychiatry due to his believe that we can treat patients better through proper communication and empathy. He worked in Psychiatry Department and Emergency & Trauma Department in Government Sector.

Subsequently, he chose to work in private sector in GP Clinic and was exposed to Occupational Health and Diseases. He quickly found that there are many diseases that arises through occupational cause which are not identified early. This is where he found passion in Occupational Health and completed his certification as Occupational Health Doctor to identify, treat, and prevent occupational disease. He helped corporate companies to create a culture of  health, and coached employees to modify their lifestyles to create more sustainable health and wellness outcomes.

Through these experiences, he realized that a proper healthcare system should focus on finding root cause of the symptoms and prevent it from reoccurring. This has propelled him to include Preventive Medicine and Functional Medicine into his practice. He understood that proper diet, nutrition and hormonal balance is important to allow healing, prevent disease and ultimately slow down ageing process. He incorporated these through detailed health screening and making personalized treatment plan for each individuals based on their health needs.

Dr Farid is actively involved in giving talks and creating awareness to public regarding occupational health, importance of hormone & nutrition and maintenance of general health.

Why Choose Us?

Because we are different! You will be amazed by the information you are about receive to understand your body better. Your body is trying to communicate with you through symptoms and we are able to help you decode the messages and listen to your body.

Rather than just chasing and trying to mask the symptoms, we aim to balance the secretion of hormones from your endocrine and exocrine gland secretion. With the help of detoxification and lifestyle changes, we will be able to help you reduce body toxins and to adapt with healthier habits.

With the help of modern technology, we are able to run blood tests in order to better understand the root cause alongside with previous medical history.  But how?

Our tests are able to detect diseases that have occurred and to determine how your body is functioning. Did you know that you could find out whether your cells are getting enough nutrients? Besides, we are also able to find out any genetic pleomorphism or any chronic silent inflammation in your body. These silent symptoms might not be showing on a daily basis but our test will allow us to identify and treat them.